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Universal Staking API For Institutions

OPUS allows institutions to stake their assets with speed, ease, and security. Deploy your staking strategies across multiple networks with Chorus One’s industry-leading infastructure and round-the-clock supervision from our team.

Ease of access
Ease of access

Cut the complexities with OPUS API and start staking in just a few clicks. With no bar on assets or number of validators, you can instantly stake as much as you wish, whenever you want.

Proven security
Proven security

You can be rest assured that there are no corners being cut when it comes to security. We provide guarantees against slashing and double-signing, assure no co-mingling of funds, and store private keys in FIPS 140-2 compliant vaults. Moreover, the availability of withdrawal keys only rests with you.

Higher Rewards through MEV
Higher rewards through MEV

Our nodes run MEV-Boost so you get access to maximum possible rewards on your stake when you stake through OPUS API.

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